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One describes Gabby Young as a princess dancing on a volcano, the next as candy-colored Pipi Longstocking who makes the world sound as she pleases; one begins his article with "What was that?", the other closes with "More of this, now, immediately!". A total work of art emerges from the cooperation of a furiously playing band and a gifted front woman, who means every word she says. 

"Circus Swing" is what Gabby calls it, if you can imagine what that means. Colourful, theatrical, sometimes beastly loud, sometimes tender and quiet, here greets the Balkans, there the mariachis and around the corner there is another spaghetti western. The violin duels with the trumpet, the tuba pursues the banjo and sometimes they all just drop everything and become the ukulele orchestra or bang on the drums together. 

On “One Foot In Front Of The Other” the foghorns of passing ships honk, a moody New Orleans funeral band rejoices in their improvement, the devil teaches Fellini to fear, and a sparrow learns to fly. 

The only thing missing is that Hollywood will deliver the corresponding films for these soundtracks. 

Gabby Young - One foot in front of the other

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