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He was thought to be missing for a long time.  This is the original soundtrack for the cinematic implementation of the song by the Brazilian director Leon Hirszman, an exponent of the so-called Cinema Novo from 1967. The soundtrack presented some of the later world stars of the Brazilian scene to the world public for the first time. The song “Garota de Ipnema” (“The Girl From Ipanema”) has been dubbed the official start of the bossa nova wave and ranks among the most recorded tracks of all time (right after 'Yesterday'). Composed by  Antônio Carlos Jobim with Portuguese text by Vinicius de Moræs, later translated by Norman Gimbel. and first recorded in 1962 by Pery Ribeiro, it became a world hit two years later, performed by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz. No question - 50 years later,  this song will define our summer again. 

Garota de Ipanema ( OST )

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  • "Noite dos Mascarados" - Chico Buarque / Elis Regina | 
    Lamento do Morro" - Nara Leão |
    "Surf Board" Studio Orchestra | "Ela É Carioca" Tamba Trio |
    "Poema dos Olhos da Amada" Vinicius de Moraes |
    "A queda" Studio Orchestra |

    "Tema de abertura: Garota de Ipanema" - Studio Orchestra |
    "Por você" - Ronnie Von |
    "Chorinho" - Chico Buarque |
    "Ária para se morrer de amor" - Baden Powell |
    "Rancho das namoradas" - MPB-4 / Quarteto em Cy |
    "Tema da desilusão: Garota de Ipanema" - Studio Orchestra

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