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El Dorado has become a long-running digital favorite since its initial release.

Gizmo Varilla's first album appears on more than 1,000,000 playlists!

More than 50 million streams per year, over 5 million per month, 1 million listeners per month, most of which are in Germany (250,000). 60% increase in 2023. This is a success story that is far from over. The new album will be released in autumn 2024. His spring tour sold out within 4 weeks. Further dates will follow in autumn.

But before that there is a special treat -

His colorful Mayan-meets-pop-art debut album “El Dorado” is finally released on vinyl and, given the title, how could it be otherwise - in El Dorado Gold!

“El Dorado” has everything that characterizes an album classic: good, concise songs with fine timing and even better spirit. El Dorado is a real place. It is the earth we live on. “El Dorado” could become for our time what “Clandestino” by Manu Chao was almost twenty years ago – a milestone of good humor and a well-tempered attitude.


Sales Tax Included |
  • Limited edition of 500 ex worldwide. This is released as colored vinyl 180 grams in EL Dorado Gold!

  • When you order  go to basket and please change the delivery setting to 1 LP ( if you order one LP only) ! 
    Otherwise we cannot ship and have to cancel the order. 
    Thanks for your kind cooperation 

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