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The opener "Don't Go Tellin' The Whole World" touches the listener immediately. Delicate guitar playing, plus a few keyboard dabs and a voice that, strictly speaking, shouldn't leave anyone cold - that's all a convincing composition needs to achieve the most intensive effect possible. But Gus doesn't just rely on reduction, sometimes the sound can be a bit more lush. When selecting different stylistic devices, he shows taste and a sure hand. Sometimes he flies in a little guitar solo that the Go-Betweens would also love ("Trillion Things"), sometimes a violin joins the guitar and provides a certain folk note - such as in the moving title track and the stunning "Helicopters “. It's also wonderful how in "Traffic and Sound" a carefree keyboard melody searches its way through the succinctly bursting guitars. And then "Shatter", this old-fashioned pop gem in the best sense of the word... . Both songs, by the way, on which Dave Palmer (Air, Seal, Turin Brakes) played keyboards.

There is an incredible amount to discover on “Autumn Days”, and the great thing is: no idea is endlessly exhausted, nothing seems overloaded. Gus arranges with a light hand, lets the individual instruments work without losing sight of the overall sound, and with remarkable consistency sets the final points where many of his colleagues would start with three more verses and the 20-fold repetition of the chorus. This record gets to the point. And that also applies without reservation to their lyrics.

Gus Black - Autumn Days

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  • re-mastered for vinyl

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