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The Californian songwriter Gus Black has never avoided risks because he always wanted everything -  the intimate moment and the grand gesture, poetry and pop, folk and rock. 

The songwriter from sunny California has the rare talent to condense pathos, charisma and pop appeal in three minutes so that you won't forget them for the rest of your life. 

  "The Day I Realized...", an - as Black says - "open love letter" tells the story of a love, from the first hope to the first promises, the first disillusionment, to the happy ending. Producer Tom Biller, who recently recorded their debut The Fool with Warpaint, was behind the controls on a number of titles. The first single "Waiting In The Cold" collects playlists and reminds of Neil Young in its fragile melancholy and shows in a very impressive way what a gifted songwriter this man is. US television has now discovered Gus Black and his songs appear in series such as "Grey's Anatomy", "Lost" and "Californication".

Gus Black - The day I realised

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  • 180 g black vinyl

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