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The "British Godfather of Synth-Pop", as Howard Jones is also known, returns purely musically on "Transform"  back to its roots and combines part of its early synthesizer arsenal (Roland, Moog, Simmons, Emulator Keyboards) with new technology. "I've made a lot of albums where I've tried new things, but it feels good to be back to just working with synthesizers. My fans have been wanting me to do a synth album again and I think I subconsciously complied with that request and had a lot of fun.”

For "Transform" it came at three  Songs for a cooperation with BT   , the American electronic artist who is 16 years younger than Jones and with him but  shares his willingness to experiment,  including "At The Speed Of Love" and the title track.


Howard Jones-Transform

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  • The One To Love You, Take Us Higher, Beating Mr. Neg, Transform, Hero In Your Eyes, Tin Man Song

    At The Speed Of Love, Eagle Will Fly Again, Mother, Stay With Me

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